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My Story...


Baking has always been like therapy and a sense of escapism for me. From the age of five I grew up in an area where there weren’t many other distractions aside than climbing trees in my back garden or surrounding fields, so I became fascinated with all things food related. So I set to work tackling recipes in the early 1980s edition of Good Housekeeping, which formed the foundations of my culinary skill set. My mother still has this book and to this day I often find myself referring to the more traditional approaches. which gives my baking a homely feel.


I find baking to be a way of creatively expressing myself and I am exceedingly passionate when  it comes to developing new and hand crafted intricate designs; factoring in flavour combinations that deliver not only visually arresting creations but mouth wateringly tasty too.  


I hope you enjoy viewing my cake creations and please do contact me should you have any queries.



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