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**Recipe published**


My extremely talented and wonderful friend Katy Salter has launched her new "Dairy-Free Delicious" recipe book and if you buy the book, not only will you find some fabulously scrummy recipes but if you turn to page 156 you will see:


 "Philippa's Lemon Meringue Cake"




















Yes the day has come where I am finally be in print, and my cake design apparently features as a key visual of the baking section - seemingly a favourite picture/design of Sainsbury's magazine [cue  girly squeals!].  To say I am so unbelievably honoured to be in Katy's book is an understatement. I am so very proud of Katy for all the hard and talented work that she has put into her writing, cooking and indeed this marvellous recipe book.


You can order the book through Amazon. 


"Tastes as good as it looks. On my third slice right now.....Amazing cake on so many levels."

Great Gatsby, Adrian Warr

"What an artist you are!"

Silvanna Frenquel

 I ate it (not all of it, but only because I was forced to share). It was AMAZING. Stunning effort Philippa.

"Romance in Verona", Rob Cooling

"The love & talent clearly shows!"

"Persian & Purple", Pamela Serp

"After eating a slice of your cake, I feel that the rest of life has now been rendered pointless. It was like having a magical rainbow in my mouth..."

Stephen Adams

"Thank you Philippa for the most amazing cake! Love it"

"Let's Dance", Nikki Mirza

"We absolutely loved it and so did everyone it was beautiful and very delicious! Thank you young lady, you are very talented!"

"Persian & Purple", Kia Shenton

"It tasted magical too! A fantastic cake! Thanks a lot, Philippa"

"It's all about the frills", Toril Bendiksvoll

"Philippa you are truly awesome. Love the back story"

Nikki Crumpton

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